Tale of the Flaxwood Tree

Deep in the northern woods in North Karelia,
where vast misty forests abound, grows a very special tree…

It was perfected by men of the Finnish timberland areas, who’s hearts were full of music, and love for the wood with which fine instruments are made.

When they saw exotic tree species were becoming endangered, they decided to act! So they set forth to develop a revolutionary wood composite material, one that would ring true like the finest of the fine traditional musical woods. The sound produced had to be both warm and bold, yet the wood also needed to be suitable for modern environmentally-conscious production methods.

And so it came to pass, a new wood was born, and they called it Flaxwood.

Thus, the instruments you hold in your hands is a testimony to the warm magic of wood in a new hi-tech, format. Enjoy the magic of wood. FLAXWOOD.

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